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I miss you,
And it’s sad I do
After everything you put me through,
I still miss you.

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Depression doesn’t care if you’re on the football team and go to parties every weekend, nor does it care if you spend all your time at the library and have got one friend that rarely talks to you. The only thing depression cares about, is taking over your life. 

Anyways, I wrote this and you can look at my writing here (tumblr) or here (wordpress).

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Sometimes people think they know you. They know a few facts about you, and they piece you together in a way that makes sense to them. And if you don’t know yourself very well, you might even believe that they are right. But the truth is, that isn’t you. That isn’t you at all.

– Leila Sales This Song Will Save Your Life   (via wolf-cub)

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Via The Queen of Hurts

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Please promise me that everything was real. That we problably fucked it up, but that it was always real and that you will never forget…

Because I won’t.

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